Thursday, 6 April 2017

These are a few of my favourite things (1)

Note: This posts picture has zero relation to the post as I am currently in not so sunny Norfolk for a week away with friends and I'm clearly not organised enough to prepare in advance... I will get better- I swear.

So as we have arrived into April (this year is seriously flying by) I thought I would write about some of the things I have really been loving in the month of March..

App: Vinted
So this month I decided to start selling unwanted items online to try and free up some space and get a little bit of pocket money for it. I tried quite a few different apps such as Depop and Shpock but I never seemed to have much luck on those. I also sold a few things on ebay but seeing as I'm a massive tightarse I'm not keen on paying to list things that I may not even sell.
Then by some miracle I found vented and I'm in serious love! It's completely free to list and sell items and its so easy- they make things really simple each step of the way. This app is only for selling and buying clothes and beauty products so I gathered all the clothes I don't fit/wear and listed them on the app and within hours my items were selling! I highly recommend this app if you want to free your wardrobe space and get some money for it.

TV: Grimm
I mentioned how obsessed i'd become with this show in a previous post so it would be totally wrong to not include it in this post. As I had mentioned in the other post I am completely useless when it comes to explaining what this show is about (so give it a watch) but I seriously binge watched it over the last month (so much so I finished watching all the episodes Netflix has: sob) Have all my fingers and toes crossed that more episodes will be on Netflix soon (if not I'm not sure how i'll survive)

So I couldn't actually pick one particular song to put on here as these songs have both been on constant repeat on my phone (I tend to play songs on repeat until I'm truly sick of them)
The songs I have been loving couldn't actually be any more different from each other they are:
-Issues- Julia Michaels
-LA Devotee- Panic! at the Disco

Beauty: Barry M Nail Paint
In my first impressions post I mentioned my quick drying nail polish- It is such a pretty colour, I've found myself constantly reaching for the bottle to redo my nails and it has been the only colour I've worn on my nails for the past two weeks.

Scent: Body Fantasies
As I also mentioned in my first impressions post, I love the smell of Body Fantasies- Japanese Cherry Blossom; when I'm at home the product is constantly in reach, when I go out its in my bag- I find myself reaching for it throughout the day to freshen myself up and basically I just love the way it smells.

what have been your favourite things this month?

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Bloggers block: A Rant by Me

When I think of rant I think angry; This isn't that. I just thought I'd lay all my cards on the table.

I started this blog a couple of years ago and as you can tell I didn't keep it up. It's not that I didn't want to blog it's just life seemed to get in the way. I started an apprenticeship and got massively behind on coursework so I had to make the choice to give my blog the boot and focus on work. I wasn't too pleased as I really enjoyed writing my blog, reading the comments... there's no feeling quite like knowing people have actually taken the time out of their day to read what you have written and have enjoyed it. Its a nice sense of appreciation and worth (if that makes sense)

Another thing that also took a backseat was my reading of blogs and there's nothing I enjoyed more than reading what other people had written and seeing their views and opinions of things and its a great way for me to see what new products I may like and would be worth buying.

Back to the present day I remembered how much I enjoyed blogging and decided I would give my blog another go; I deleted all previous posts to start afresh. I gave myself the target of posting every other day- two weeks in and I feel like I have already failed for three simple reasons:

1. I set myself an unrealistic target
Posting every other day is far too much for me personally (I truly admire those who post every day!) It's definitely not easy when you are juggling writing with work and life. Setting this target has made me rush posts on more than a few occasions and I've posted posts that I'm not entirely happy with just because I felt the pressure of posting on time

2. I compare myself to other bloggers
I find myself scrolling through other peoples blogs in awe. The perfect photography, the lengthy posts, the way the writer seems to know exactly what they're doing and where they're going with their blog. I don't seem to take into account that they've been blogging for far longer than me, the struggles they have with their blog and the fact that blogging could be their full time job.

3. Writers block
Arghhhh- There is nothing more frustrating and I've been having this a lot recently, I just can't seem to find something I'm good at writing about or something that I feel would interest you. I rake my brains trying to think of something and the longer I don't come up with an idea, the foggier my brain feels. I seem to be blogging for other people and not myself which completely sucks and I'm determined to change that.

Going forward (just realised how formal I sound) I have decided that I am going to post once a week... I'm going to set my schedule for 4pm Thursdays (fingers crossed I've found something I can stick to)
I'm going to blog for me- writing about what I want to write about and not what I think I should be writing about.
The final thing I'm going to do is not compare my blog to others so unfortunately my photos may not look professional and the topics may be all over the place (I do apologise) but please stick with it...

Do you have any struggles with your blog or am I completely alone on this?

Monday, 27 March 2017

Life Tips

Happy Monday! (said no one ever) just four more days until the weekend again- Yay
I hope you had a fantastic weekend and treated your mum for Mother's Day. I'm sure whatever you did was greatly appreciated whether it was bringing her breakfast in bed or taking her somewhere for the day.

 So I had a really chilled Sunday evening and I thought to myself:
'Hey wouldn't it be a great idea to tell everyone a bunch of tips that (unless they're like me) wont help their lives in any way, shape or form'

You're Welcome!

1. Watch Grimm
A few weeks ago I happened to stumble across Grimm on Netflix and by the second episode I was hooked- It's a series that I can easily binge watch (one of my specialities) although I should probably advise you not to as I have a had a few very late nights as most episodes end on a cliff-hanger. I can't really explain what it is about and any explanation I give definitely wouldn't do it justice- I think you just need to watch an episode and make your own decision on it (I must warn you it sometimes gets quite gory and I've found myself watching it from behind my hands at some points)

2. Put your credit card in your purse
I am an extremely lazy person when it comes to my card in the sense that if I pay with my card I will either put it back in my pocket or just in my bag pocket (anything for an easy life) but this comes at a great cost. If you are a normal person then you have the risk of someone easily being able to steal your card BUT if you're like me you have the risk of sitting/leaning on your pocket and accidently bending/snapping your card (it's happened multiple times- I never learn)

3. Blog in the daytime
It is currently 01:11, I have work in 7 hours, my eyes are stinging from tiredness and I am sitting in bed typing away on my laptop. Is it worth it? no. Blogging when tired will guarantee a ridic amount of mistakes in the post, Its not going to be your best content and you'll be cursing yourself when you have to wake up tired in the morning.

4. Say Yes to things
Its very easy to say no to things and if you're anything like me you start to get into the habit of saying no. Saying yes to things means more chances of making memories, pushing you out of your comfort zone or if you're anything like me, it can get you fitter (I said yes to going jogging. I hate jogging. Major regrets) Regret the things you don't do, not the things you did. Plus if you say no too much you'd probably start to get major FOMO.

If you've made it this far in the post, comment any pointless tips or 'life hacks' you have.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

First impressions...

I popped into Superdrug a few days to pick up a few essentials but that didn't stop me browsing for a while (a looong while) and picking up a few other bits. I limited myself to 6 items otherwise I would probably definitely have got carried away a tad.

1. Body Fantasies- Japanese Cherry Blossom
So I may have been living under a rock because up until now I hadn't actually heard of the brand but since I bought it I've seen quite a lot of posts about these body sprays and this one seems to be quite a popular scent *self high five*
Unlike a lot of body sprays, this one is so long lasting, I can still smell it on me at the end of the day which I find pretty amazing as I'm used to body sprays lasting on average 20 seconds.  I'm a bit useless at trying to describe smells so i'll just leave the notes in
Scents: Red Currant / Grapefruit / Guava / Raspberry / Strawberry / Cyclamen / Melon / Passion Fruit / Passion Flower / Musk

2. Frosted Cupcakes- Barry M Nail Paint
I am a huge Barry M nail polish fan and when the deal is 3 for 2 I am there like a fly to...
anyways I got the polish in 'Blue Velvet' and the colour is absolutely beautiful... Unfortunately this is one of those cases where the nail polish looks completely different on your nails than in the bottle. You have to apply multiple coats to see the colour (I'm not a fan of doing that) and the glitter doesn't really show on my nails.
To be fair I have only worn it once so maybe i'll learn to love it when I wear it again but I don't think its ranking very high on my list of faves.

3. Collection- Sheer loose powder
After sweating all my makeup off trying to take off the seal without spilling powder all over my floor my first impressions of this powder are positive. I must admit I have never used loose powder before and probably never again (fear of spillage is far too much) but this one does the job and a little goes a long way which is always a bonus.

4. Barry M Gelly Nail Paint
This sums up how my life goes. I am about to rave about this nail colour because it's a nude colour and I have tried so many nude colour nail polishes but because I'm so pale most colours seem to emphasise my paleness and the colour just looks awful. Not this one. It was love at first application! It goes with my skin tone well and applies nicely on my nails. The really annoying part is the name of the colour seems to have rubbed off somehow (I don't even know how that's possible) and the only clue I have is the number 40 on the bottom but after scouring the internet for about 15 minutes I cannot find out the name for this colour (If someone could help me I would love you forever)

5. Superdrug Layering Lab Body Mist
Again I'm not very good at explaining smells so here you go:
'The scent opens on a sparkling fruity trail where citrus and grapefruit melt with juicy apple and sweet pear. The aquatic floral heart of peony then leads to musk’s softness. As fresh and pure as the morning dew.'
Now I didn't smell this product before I bought it (don't ask me why, I don't know) but my thought process went like this:
'It looks nice, Spring is coming up soon and I love fresh scents, this is perfect'
I don't like the smell.
Now it must be a popular product with lots of people loving the scent because looking online its out of stock but it's just not for me. I find the smell is a tad too overbearing for me and it gives me a headache and makes me feel a bit sick (am I the only one that gets like this from some smells? probably.)

6.  Quick Dry Barry M Nail Paint
I love quick drying nail polish because there's nothing I hate more (I lie. There are plenty of things) than waiting for my nails to dry! It takes forever and i am guaranteed to smudge at least one. So this nail polish is perfect, it dries quick and is the perfect pale pink colour- perfect for spring! Although I do feel like this will require two layers just to get a nice even finish.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

5 Favourite Affordable Makeup products

1. Freedom Pro Contour: Now I'm not a makeup guru, I'm very much a stick to what you know and a get up and go sort of girl so this contour kit is perfect as it is quick to apply. It's light and subtle and lasts all day.

2. GOSH Foundation Drops: I'm a bit funny when it comes to foundations, I rarely go for liquid foundations but this one makes my skin look flawless! Its quick and easy to apply but top tip: remember to shake before using as it can become very watery.

3. Mist & Fix Setting Spray: This small bottle has lasted me a ridiculously long time (so long that no longer make this particular one anymore... massive sad face!) It works quickly and its long lasting.

4. MAC- In extreme dimension 3D: I got this as a free sample when I bought another product off the MAC website and oh my goodness as soon as this runs out I am 100% buying the real thing. It does wonders for my lashes! It makes them look so long and it seems to get every individual lash and that small sample size has lasted me since Christmas time.

5. MAC matte lipstick (Pink Plaid): This is my go to lipstick. I wear it pretty much 24/7 its a perfect colour for both day and night time. It's long wearing, feels nice on my lips and has a nice finish to it. It also doesn't dry my lips out like some matte lipsticks do.

What makeup products do you recommend?

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Simple things to do to save money in your 20s

If you're anything like me then when it comes to saving its mission impossible but with these simple steps you'll definitely start to see the extra money building up.

1. Put away a realistic amount each month
Realistic is the key word in the title. I used to put an unrealistic amount of money into my savings account each month and every month I would dip into them A LOT. So if you work out what you could realistically live on for the month and put away the extra (even if its only a tenner, every little helps)

2. Sell unwanted items
Selling items online kills two birds with one stone, putting some extra money in your pocket while getting rid of things you don't want or need anymore. With websites and apps like ebay, shpock, depop, etc. its so quick and easy to do.

3. Cut back on lifestyle
I'm not saying to become a recluse and never leave the house ever again but rather than going out clubbing every Friday and Saturday, go for one or two big nights out a month.. (venture out, I've found so many great places to go out which are miles better than any local) you'll probably save hundreds. Also don't be afraid to tell your friends that you can't afford a night out, they wont mind one bit and chances are you wont miss out on too much.

4. Buy things you need
Sure its nice to treat yourself but before you know it you're walking out of Lush with more bath bombs than days in a year, 80p in your bank account and 23 days until payday... okay maybe I'm being a tad overdramatic but can you see where I'm coming from?! Treat yourself but if you're saving towards a holiday are those £90 shoes worth it? something about having cake and eating it too springs to mind.

5. Make your own lunches for work
If you're anything like me (lazy af) and buy lunch from the shops every morning before work then maybe its time to stop. I worked out that if I ate breakfast at home rather than on the go and made sandwiches for lunch then I could save over £15 a week. Its mad. I must admit this step is still a bit of a work in progress for me but the thoughts there right?!

6. Keep the change
When my friends throw or leave small change I must look at them like they have three heads. I'm a massive change horder. I have multiple money boxes lying around and at the end of every week I simply empty my purse/pockets/bags and put all loose change in my money boxes. Its my most effective way of saving. You can save so much without realising it and after a few months you can use the money for a holiday or something you've been saving towards.

What are your tips to save money?

Sunday, 19 March 2017

My Top Five...

There's nothing I enjoy more than getting dolled up and pretending I'm fancy and when you add food into the equation then I am completely in my element. That being said I thought I would share with you some places I have loved in London.

I love love LOVE afternoon tea. It makes me feel very fancy and it is a lovely way to have a girly catch up. Last year I had afternoon tea at the Ritz and I think its something you need to do at least once. The hotel is absolutely beautiful and the staff are very welcoming and friendly. Once seated we were given the option of a glass of champagne and got to sit back and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and the man playing the piano in the background. The food was gorgeous and seemed to be unlimited as they kept bringing us more (by the end I thought they'd have to roll me out of there, I was that full!)

One thing that can make dinner better and that's dinner with a view! (you'll see this is a recurring theme in this post) This restaurant ticked all the boxes. The view across London was beautiful (we went at night) It was a tad pricey but the food was delicious and the portion size was actually decent (unlike some of these fancy places and their portion sizes fit for a mouse and nothing larger)

My friend treated me to afternoon tea here last October- We walked down the riverside from Waterloo to the restaurant in the pouring rain, we go there looking like drowned rats (not so glam) but it was so worth it. The menu was different to what you'd expect of afternoon tea but it worked! It had such a lovely atmosphere in there and I can imagine if it wasn't a grey and horrible day, you'd be able to sit in the outside area and enjoy the view along the Thames.

Situated on the 39th and 40th floor, this restaurant has different deals all the time so the menu varies. When I went in January we could choose from a set menu- The food came out very quickly and was gorgeous and once you have finished your meal you are given the option to go up to the 40th floor (which is a bar area) for drinks. It is here that you can see spectacular views over London as you are situated in the roof of the Gherkin so you have a 360 degree view of London.

5. Afternoon Tea at Tower 42
Vertigo 42 is a Champagne bar situated on the 42nd floor of Tower 42. We went for afternoon tea there last month and after an ear popping lift ride going up, the views were to die for. We went late in the afternoon so we had the joy of seeing the sun setting on the city which was indescribable. Each seat faced a window and written on each table was a landmark you were facing. The food was lovely (not as filling as others though) and a glass of Champagne was included in our deal (my friend found a deal on groupon so it was affordable)

Do you have any places to recommend in London?
I'd love to try them out!